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Food supply

The children at our facility are fully catered for. For us, a healthy diet is an integral part of every child's well-being. We offer fresh meals three times a day.

We use our in-house kitchen to prepare breakfast and snacks. Lunch is provided outside the home. We are supplied fresh every day by "Flöha Menü".


Our breakfast menu is freshly prepared every day by our Küchenkrä􀅌en in our in-house kitchen
. Wich􀆟g We aim to make the menu as varied as possible. We also
offer yoghurt, muesli, fresh rolls or bread - from the bakery here in
Frankenberg - on various days. Of course, there is also a selection of fruit and vegetables for
breakfast. Water and unsweetened tea are also available for the children to drink.


The Mi􀆩agsversorgung is delivered outside the home. We receive fresh deliveries every day from "Menü
Niederwiesa". You can obtain the menus directly from the supplier.


Our snack menu is also freshly prepared in our own kitchen. There is fresh bread with
different spreads and a selection of fruit and vegetables, which the children can choose from freely
. On various days, we also offer yoghurt or cake.
Of course, water and unsweetened tea are freely available to the children.

Language diversity

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