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Little Foxes Frankenberg

Our foreign language daycare center "Little Foxes" is located in the beautiful town of Frankenberg and has been part of the GGB family since August 2018. Our facility has space for 32 crèche children and 56 kindergarten children. We have seven educators and two trainee educators working together in a multi-professional team.

Clever Kids is run by the "GGB Gesellschaft zur ganzheitlichen Bildung gemeinnützige GmbH Sachsen" (GGB). GGB has been a competent and valued partner in the field of child and youth welfare since 1998 and operates 19 foreign language daycare centers. All of these bilingual facilities are located in the districts of Zwickau, Erzgebirgskreis, Mittelsachsen and Leipziger Land.

Our house

Our children spend their day together in age-homogeneous core groups, which are supervised by permanent caregivers. In order to provide holistic support that puts the well-being of all children first, our daycare center offers a math and rhythm room, a creative and sports room as well as a quiet area for relaxation. In our separate children's restaurant, the big "foxes" enjoy their varied meals in the form of a buffet.

The outdoor area of our facility offers the children plenty of space to play, discover and run around together. Our mud kitchen and the pallet car built by parents themselves are particularly inviting for imaginative play. Our crèche garden is specially designed to meet the wishes and needs of the very youngest children and offers them a safe environment for their journeys of discovery.

Crèche and nursery rooms

Our crèche and kindergarten groups are located on the first floor. We have a total of four rooms on this floor, three of which are crèche rooms, each with a directly adjoining bedroom and access to its own bathroom via the corridor. The children's checkrooms are located along the corridor and are separate for each group. Our atrium is located in the middle of this floor. The children can play here in mixed groups during the early and late shift.

To the right of the entrance is the office of the daycare center management and next to it, a meeting room for discussions or admission and parent meetings. This room also houses our Little Foxes library, which is open three days a week for parents and children.

Restaurant & Kitchen

Our restaurant is located on the first floor. This is where the pre-school groups eat their meals in buffet style. Our exercise room is located next to the restaurant. Each group has a fixed sports day on which they can use the sports room and materials as they wish.

Our kitchen is also located on this level. The educational staff are supported daily by our domestic staff. Our in-house janitor is on hand to help with all projects, large and small. In the kitchen, which is located on the first floor, the domestic staff prepare a fresh breakfast and snack for our children every day, offering a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as fresh bread and spreads or muesli. Lunchtime meals are delivered daily by our meal provider, "Flöhamenü".

Upper floor

On the second floor there are 3 further group rooms and two group bathrooms. Our multifunctional rooms are also located on this level. These include our math and music room, a creative room and Snozel room. These rooms are available to both the group teachers with the children and the therapists. These rooms are also available for further training or parents' evenings. Our staff room is also located on this level.

You can find more pictures and impressions of our facility here!

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